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Men's League

Monday, April 29th, will be the opening night for league play. For league we will have a 6:00 p.m. shotgun start each week unless specified. Please try to be here and ready to go to your respective tees by 5:45 p.m.  Again, this year for Men’s league sign-up, we are asking you to have only “1” check for your team’s entry fee and mail it in to us by Saturday, April 6th. This is the DEADLINE. Sorry no EXCEPTIONS…

League Dues: $250 per team
League Sponsor: $50 per team
Handicap: $30 per person
MGA Fee: $15 per person
4-Man Team = $480.00
5-Man Team = $525.00

Your team is not entered until the total amount is paid in full… 

This year for league, the format will remain the same:

  • 4 Person Teams. 2 matches worth 9 points for a total of 18 points.
    Format will be 1 Net BB of 2. Play your own ball.
  • No pre designation of A,B,C, & D player. 
  • No Team Points.
  • Flights and/or Groups are based off combined handicap averages of team.
  • Equitable Stroke Control will be used.
  • Base handicap “Pops” off of Low Player
  • 80% of total 9-hole handicap will be used. 
    Exp. If Tim’s handicap is 9 and Andy’s handicap is 2…Tim will receive 7 (80% is 7.2) strokes and Andy will still get 2 (80% is 1.6).  The idea is to even things out between players when handicaps are extremely far apart.  We are making this change based on the advice of the Nebraska Golf Association and the Nebraska PGA.

Sat. April, 6th  -- Team Sign-up Deadline
Maximum # of Teams is 36

Men's Fall Golf

Notice: A 4-Week Men's Fall Golf League will begin Tuesday, Sept. 9th. More information will come about at a later date.

Mon April 29th 1st Night of League
Mon May 6th 2nd Night of League
Mon May 13th 3rd Night of League
Mon May 20th 4th Night of League
Mon June 3rd 5th Night of League
Mon June 10th 6th Night of League
Mon June 17th 7th Night of League
Mon June 24th End of First Half
Mon July 1st 9th Night of League
Mon July 8th 10th Night of League
Mon July 15th 11th Night of League
Mon July 22nd 12th Night of League
Mon July 29th 13th Night of League
Mon Aug 5th 14th Night of League
Mon Aug 12th 15th Night of League
Mon Aug 19th 16th Night of League
Mon Aug 26th End of 2nd Half

Weekly Pairing

        Teetime: 05:30 PM Hole #1    
Team #: 31 - CPI       Team #: 32 - Home Instead  
Name                                     Hcp   Points    Name                                     Hcp   Points 
Anderson, Dick 10 18.00    Gion, Rich 8 15.00 
Ortegren, Gail 11 15.25    Rosch, Steve 14 15.00 
Ablott, Steve 12 14.50    Mantas, Daniel 15 8.75 
Anderson, Alan 12 15.00    Schendt, Alex 16 11.75 
        Teetime: 05:30 PM Hole #2    
Team #: 28 - A-1 Construction     Team #: 34 - Bogie Boys    
Name                                     Hcp   Points    Name                                     Hcp   Points 
Warrings, Andrew 6 18.25    Reiber, Brad 6 20.50 
Ackles, Jason 12 14.25    Holsten, Kent 11 12.25 
Meyer, Shawn 11 16.00    Mattison, Rich 13 11.00 
Schultz, Jamy 8 14.25    Sub #95 Paul, Andy 10 9.50 
        Teetime: 05:30 PM Hole #3    
Team #: 30 - Ayr Construction     Team #: 33 - FIGJAM    
Name                                     Hcp   Points    Name                                     Hcp   Points 
Weber, Paul 7 15.50    Fry, Troy   8 12.25